Heroes of Vengeance

Nine Long Years

After nine years of training together in the ways of the Hero, the group graduated form the program and was free to roam about the land seeking whatever, doing whatever. The orphans now weilded powers they never had before. Atreyu the oldest orphan, 20 years of age, was on his way to becoming a powerful sorcerer. Lorion, 19 years old, was a tough yet gentle cleric. Zombie was as ruthless as a barbarian could get, despite the guilds best efforts to educate him. And finally Maurer. He was a rough ant tumble fighter, the guy you’d always want on your side. and so they set out on their adventures.

2 weeks later, A man came to the Heroes with a letter stating the Guild had found out who had organized teh raiding party resonible for the attack on their village…

That day...
On that fateful day 9 years ago, the young orphans were out playing in the field. Thats when the screams began. They sounded startled at first, but as the screams became more blood-curdling, the orphans stood petrified in the field. “Aha!” exclaimed a young bandit who snuck upon the kids, before he was engulfed crackling blue flames. A wizened old wizard appeaared before the boys and said, “If you wish to live, come with me.” After hesitation the younglings followed the wizardto the top of the nearest hill, and took his hand. WOOOSH! The orphans were teleported to a place that they had only dreamed about, The Heroes Guild!

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